FitBiz University


Module 1 The Perfect Gym Model
Lesson 1 How To Get The Most From This Program
Lesson 2 Employee to CEO
Lesson 3 Employee to CEO Part 2
Lesson 4 5 Steps To Create The Perfect Gym
Lesson 5 Low Stress High Profit Gym - The Breakdown
Lesson 6 How to Find Balance Between Work and Life - LIVE
Lesson 7 Identifying Your Bottleneck - LIVE
Lesson 8 Owning the business YOU want to own
Module 2 Lead Generation
Lesson 1 Facebook Ads - High Quality Leads - How To
Lesson 2 6 Pipelines for New Leads
Lesson 3 How To Run Reactivation at ANY TIME
Lesson 4 Black Friday Play and How To Broadcast Using UpLaunch
Lesson 5 Lead Gen Training LIVE - Joey and Jason
Lesson 6 How To Play OFFENSE In Business
Lesson 7 Running Ads To Your Facebook Group (Lead Magnet)
Lesson 8 How To SUPERCHARGE Your Free Facebook Group
Lesson 9 Getting MAX Leads
Lesson 10 How To Get FB Leads in 2021 - Interview with Sam
Lesson 11 Supercharge Your Gym With Member Events and Challenges
Lesson 12 How To Write Ad Copy and Creative
Lesson 13 My TOP 6 Ways to get leads in 2021
Module 3 Lead Nurture
Lesson 1 Show Rate Hacks - Joey and Jason LIVE
Lesson 2 Getting Leads to Show - Joey Answers Questions
Lesson 3 Lead Nurture Training LIVE - Joey
Lesson 4 Adding Text Messages To Your UpLaunch Journeys
Lesson 5 Getting Leads To Show and Workout Experience
Module 4 Sales
Lesson 1 Live Sales Training - Joey and Jason
Lesson 2 Are You Un-Selling Your Program?
Lesson 3 How To Close High-Ticket Clients - LIVE
Lesson 4 Up-selling Products and Services - LIVE
Module 5 Fulfillment
Lesson 1 Fulfillment Training LIVE - Joey and Jason
Lesson 2 Retention Strategies
Lesson 3 How To Track Private Coaching Sessions WITHOUT Software
Module 6 Systems
Lesson 1 Profit and Loss System - Team Tracking and Goal Setting
Lesson 2 Top 3 Systems For Your Gym
Lesson 3 LIVE TRAINING - SYSTEMS - Joey and Jason
Module 7 Team Building
Lesson 1 EMPLOYEE 4R's LIVE Walkthrough - Trainers and Coaches
Lesson 2 How To Hire Quickly
Lesson 3 How To Get Your Team To HELP YOU and WANT TO
Lesson 4 Team 4R's Documents
Lesson 5 Building Your Dream Team
Lesson 6 Core Values - Jason
Lesson 7 Team Building (From Scratch)
Lesson 8 Hiring, On-boarding, and Firing
Lesson 9 How To Pay Your Staff - LIVE
Lesson 10 Leadership and Team Building For Your Gym - People and Processes
Module 8 Leadership
Lesson 1 5 Rules For Growing Your Business - Leadership
Lesson 2 Top 8 LEADERSHIP Qualities
Lesson 3 Leveraging Your Time As A Leader
Lesson 4 Mindset and Momentum
Lesson 5 Mindset and Momentum Part 2
Lesson 6 My #1 Resource for Massive Growth Quickly - LIVE
Module 9 Money Math
Lesson 1 Profit Levers
Lesson 2 Profit Margins As You Scale
Lesson 3 True Cost To Acquire A New Customer
Module 10 Tech and Software Automations and Integrations
Lesson 1 Connecting Clickfunnels to UpLaunch - Auto Add New Group Members To UpLaunch
Lesson 2 Member Event Waiver - Auto Add Referrals to UpLaunch
Lesson 3 Tech - Adding Text Messages To Your UpLaunch Journeys Copy
Module 11 Quick Cash Playbook
Lesson 1 Black Friday Play and How To Broadcast Using UpLaunch
Lesson 2 Make Cash FAST - Promo Cycle
Module 12 Remote Training For Brick and Mortar Gyms - Coronavirus Edition
Lesson 1 UPDATE: CORONAVIRUS - Intro to REMOTE Training
Lesson 2 UPDATE: CORONAVIRUS - How to Apply Phase 1 to REMOTE Training
Lesson 3 UPDATE: CORONAVIRUS - How to Apply Phase 2 to REMOTE Training
Lesson 4 UPDATE: CORONAVIRUS - How to Apply Phase 3 to REMOTE Training
Module 13 Strategy
Lesson 1 Strategy Vs. Tactics Vs. Execution
Lesson 2 Get Un-Stuck Using These 4 Steps
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