FitBiz University

FitBiz Team – Training Portal

Module 1 Intro - Welcome To This Training
Lesson 1 Welcome to the FitBiz University Team Training Portal!
Module 2 Who is FitBiz University?
Lesson 1 About Us
Module 3 Who We Serve and How We Fulfill
Lesson 1 What We Sell and How We Fulfill
Module 4 Outbound Setter Training
Lesson 1 Overview Of Role and 4R's
Lesson 2 SOP's and Day-To-Day Workflow
Lesson 3 Software and Scripts
Lesson 4 Who Is Our Avatar?
Lesson 5 Who We DON'T Work With
Module 5 Inbound Setter Training
Lesson 1 The Sale - Intro
Lesson 2 Setting Script and Walkthrough
Lesson 3 Scheduling Strategy Session (Closing Call)
Module 6 Closer Training
Lesson 1 Sales Script
Lesson 2 Processing A Sale
Module 7 Implementation Coach Training
Lesson 1 How To Overcome Objections
Lesson 2 Connecting Leads with Customers
Module 8 Resources
Lesson 1 Using Acuity
Lesson 2 Using UpLaunch
Lesson 3 Using Cognito Forms
Lesson 4 Updating KPI's
Module 9 Outro - Customer Wins and Case Studies
Lesson 1 Testimonials from The Perfect Gym Model Customers
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