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Equip yourself with all the tools you'll need to face any situation. As your gym encounters different situations, you'll want to pull out the right tool to fix the problem. If you only have a couple tools (skills) to pick from, chances are you're not using the BEST tool possible. Learn these skills and be ready to use them as necessary.

Module 1 Lead Generation - Get More Leads
Lesson 1 Organic-First Strategy
Lesson 2 Lead Flow Exercise
Lesson 3 Facebook Ads - Building and Launching Lead Magnets
Lesson 4 Facebook Ads - High Quality Leads - How To
Lesson 5 Facebook Ads - How To Run Ads To Grow Your Free GROUP Using Lead Forms
Lesson 6 Facebook Ads - Running Ads To Your Facebook Group Using Clickfunnels
Lesson 7 Facebook Ads - High Volume Conversion Ads (lower-quality)
Lesson 8 Are Your Facebook Ads Not Working? Do This...
Lesson 9 Getting Referrals Overview
Lesson 10 Get Your Members To Refer
Lesson 11 Get Your Members To Bring a Friend With Them - Member Events and Challenges
Lesson 12 Get Your Team To Bring In Referrals - 30-Day Review Meetings
Lesson 13 Website and SEO
Lesson 14 How To Optimize Your Website For LEADS
Lesson 15 Boost Your Website SEO with Google Reviews Using Lead Center
Lesson 16 Signage For Your Gym
Lesson 17 Health and Fitness Fairs
Lesson 18 How To Write Ad Copy and Creative
Lesson 19 Launch A Free Facebook Group For Leads
Lesson 20 Make Cash FAST - Promo Cycle
Lesson 21 Getting MAX Leads
Lesson 22 Supercharge Your Gym With Member Events and Challenges
Module 2 Reactivation Campaign Walkthroughs
Lesson 1 Reactivation Campaigns - Copy and Creative
Lesson 2 Original Reactivation Campaign
Lesson 3 NEW YEAR NEW YOU - LIVE Release
Lesson 4 Spring Back Into Shape - LIVE Release
Lesson 5 75 Day Summer Shred - LIVE Release
Lesson 6 Back To School - LIVE Release
Lesson 7 BEAST Before The Feast - LIVE Release
Lesson 8 Black Friday - LIVE Release
Module 3 Lead Nurture - Get Leads To Schedule and Show
Lesson 1 Lead Center™ Training - Get Leads To Schedule and Show
Lesson 2 UpLaunch Software Training
Lesson 3 Getting Leads to Show - Joey Answers Questions
Lesson 4 Lead Nurture Training LIVE - Joey
Lesson 5 Getting Leads To Show and Workout Experience
Module 4 Sales - Turn Leads Into Clients
Lesson 1 Selling High-Ticket Transformations Programs - The Prescriptive Sale
Lesson 2 Filling Out The Contract / Getting Paid In Fulls
Lesson 3 Objection Overcomes
Lesson 4 Live Sales Recordings
Lesson 5 How To Renew Your Clients
Lesson 6 How To Upgrade Your Clients To A Transformation Program
Lesson 7 Are You Un-Selling Your Program?
Lesson 8 How To Close High-Ticket Clients - LIVE
Lesson 9 Up-selling Products and Services - LIVE
Module 5 Fulfillment - How To Service Clients Using Transformation Programs
Lesson 1 Private vs. Semi-Private vs Large Group w/Accountability
Lesson 2 The Blueprint and Nutrition Plans
Lesson 3 Improving Client Experience
Lesson 4 Tracking Client Experience
Lesson 5 Accountability Coach Tracker
Lesson 6 How To Track Private Coaching Sessions WITHOUT Software
Module 6 Retention - How to Keep Your Clients
Lesson 1 Retention - Old Way Vs. New Way
Lesson 2 Tracking Your Non-Renewals, Cancellations, and Failed Payments
Lesson 3 Cancellation, Membership Hold, Exit Interview Forms
Lesson 4 Retention Strategies
Module 7 Systems - The Only Systems Your Gym Needs
Lesson 1 Master Operating Sheets
Lesson 2 Profit and Loss System - Team Tracking and Goal Setting
Lesson 3 Levels Of Gym Ownership
Lesson 4 Client Acquisition System - Lead Flow Exercise
Lesson 5 Top 3 Systems For Your Gym
Module 8 Team Building - Building Your Dream Team
Lesson 1 How To Hire Quickly
Lesson 2 Employee 4R's Documents and Responsibilities
Lesson 3 EMPLOYEE 4R's LIVE Walkthrough - Trainers and Coaches
Lesson 4 Why Use 4R's Documents
Lesson 5 How To Roll Out Changes To Your Team The Right Way (Transformation Program Example)
Lesson 6 Team Tasks and Standards
Lesson 7 Holding Your Team Accountable and How They Can Earn Bonuses - The Scoreboard
Lesson 8 How To Pay Your Staff - LIVE
Lesson 9 Commission and KPI Bonuses
Lesson 10 1-on-1 Meetings with Your Team - Coach Self Evaluation - Career Roadmap
Lesson 11 Staffing Based On Your Gym Size (Level 1 through 5)
Lesson 12 How to Showcase Your Team
Lesson 13 How To Sharpen Your Team
Lesson 14 Why You Need a Team and How To Build One From Scratch
Lesson 15 How To Get Your Team To HELP YOU and WANT TO
Lesson 16 Hiring, On-boarding, and Firing
Lesson 17 Now Hiring Ads / Sample Interview Questions / New Hire Paperwork
Lesson 18 Team Training Portal - Link You Can Send To Your Team
Module 9 Leadership - Lead Your Team with Confidence
Lesson 1 FitBiz CEO UNSTOPPABLE™ Leadership Course
Lesson 2 Leadership - Stop Blaming. Stop Making Excuses. Own It.
Lesson 3 Leadership and Team Building For Your Gym - People and Processes
Lesson 4 Top 8 LEADERSHIP Qualities
Lesson 5 5 Rules For Growing Your Business - Leadership
Lesson 6 Leveraging Your Time As A Leader
Lesson 7 Mindset and Momentum
Lesson 8 Mindset and Momentum Part 2
Lesson 9 My #1 Resource for Massive Growth Quickly - LIVE
Module 10 Strategy - Grow Your Gym on PURPOSE
Lesson 1 Creating and Executing Your Strategic Plan For Growth
Lesson 2 Strategy Vs. Tactics Vs. Execution
Lesson 3 Get Un-Stuck Using These 4 Steps
Lesson 4 Low Stress High Profit Gym - The Breakdown
Lesson 5 Owning the business YOU want to own
Lesson 6 PROFIT - How To Track and How To USE
Lesson 7 Profit Levers
Lesson 8 Profit Margins As You Scale
Lesson 9 How to Find Balance Between Work and Life - LIVE
Lesson 10 5 Steps To Create The Perfect Gym
Lesson 11 Identifying Your Bottleneck - LIVE
Lesson 12 Choosing Your Activities
Lesson 13 True Cost To Acquire A New Customer
Lesson 14 How To Play OFFENSE In Business
Lesson 15 How To Sell Your Gym - Get It Ready With This Checklist
Lesson 16 Employee to CEO
Lesson 17 Employee to CEO Part 2
Module 11 Team Training™
Lesson 1 Team Training
Module 12 Lead Center™ Training
Lesson 1 Lead Center™ Training
Module 13 Gym Genie™ AI Assistant
Lesson 1 Gym Genie™
Module 14 Tech Training
Lesson 1 How To Integrate NON-Lead Center™ Website lead forms to your Lead Center™ workflows
Lesson 2 Connecting Facebook Lead Forms to Lead Center™ and UpLaunch
Lesson 3 Connecting Lead Center with 3rd-party apps / software
Module 15 Remote Training For Brick and Mortar Gyms - Covid Lockdowns
Lesson 1 UPDATE: CORONAVIRUS - Intro to REMOTE Training
Lesson 2 UPDATE: CORONAVIRUS - How to Apply Phase 1 to REMOTE Training
Lesson 3 UPDATE: CORONAVIRUS - How to Apply Phase 2 to REMOTE Training
Lesson 4 UPDATE: CORONAVIRUS - How to Apply Phase 3 to REMOTE Training
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