FitBiz University

Phase 1 Quiz and Worksheet

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Phase 1 Quiz
You'll need to correctly answer at least 16 of the 20 questions below (at least 80%) to progress to the next lesson.
Question #1: What is the recommended price we are selling our high-ticket program for?
Question #2: What does this model form that large group only cannot?
Question #3: What should to be in place to scale a fitness business and achieve high profit with low stress?
Question #4: How does the reactivation campaign work?
Question #5: What can credits be used for in the FitBiz University Store?
Question #6: How can you earn FitBiz University Credits?
Question #7: Who should Upload your Old Leads, Old Members, and Current Members to UpLaunch?
Question #8: How many levels are there to gym ownership
Question #9: What is the core component to our transformation program?
Question #10: What is your Phase 1 Homework
Question #11: What is the best way to roll out changes to your team?
Question #12: After the sale is made, who should take ownership of a new clients attendance, nutrition, goal setting, results, retention, and renewal?
Question #13: What programs are required to run The Perfect Gym Model at your gym?
Question #14: What software are we using for lead nurture, old client/lead reactivation, and member retention?
Question #15: What are the 4 Skills each gym owner should master to earn freedom at their gym?
Question #16: How much cash can you earn for referring your gym owner buddies to CRUSH with FitBiz along with you?
Question #17: What will we cover in phase 2?
Question #18: What else comes with your FitBiz University enrollment besides this curriculum?
Question #19: Who can apply to be an ambassador?
Question #20: How can you attend the Graduate™ Level Weekly Coaching Calls?