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Phase 2 Quiz and Worksheet

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Phase 2 Quiz
You'll need to correctly answer at least 16 of the 20 questions below (at least 80%) to progress to the next lesson.
Question #1: Why is automated lead nurture superior to manual lead nurture?
Question #2: When a leads opts in but does not schedule an appointment, you must:
Question #3: UpLaunch will:
Question #4: What is our closing percentage goal?
Question #5: What is the first goal of the sale?
Question #6: What is the second goal of the sale?
Question #7: What should come with each long-term membership?
Question #8: What is the third goal of the sale?
Question #9: What are the 4 steps of the sale?
Question #10: What is the minimum amount of weeks that should be recommended to reach goals?
Question #11: When should the weigh in and body fat percentage take place in the sale?
Question #12: How many weeks are free with the commitment of a long-term program?
Question #13: What is the recommended discount for a prepaid program?
Question #14: What are we tracking with the nutrition plan?
Question #15: What should each new member be given at their nutrition orientation?
Question #16: What can be done to cover your costs to acquire a new customer (facebook ads and lead nurture?)
Question #17: How can our high ticket program be best fulfilled?
Question #18: What should you show a lead after they measure weight and body fat percentage?
Question #19: What should you do at the end of each day in UpLaunch
Question #20: How should a long-term program be explained to a lead?